About Us

“Vollstedt” a brand owned by Knights and Walker London is a venture that originated from a huge vacuum in the leather accessories segment for affordable premium quality brands. The major market players in the pure leather segment are the super luxury brands with a price tag that makes it extremely unaffordable for the affluent middle class thereby relying on players who sell substitutes or inferior quality leather. So with Vollstedt entering the market to fill this vacuum the affluent middle class sect of shoppers can have access to the same luxurious quality if not better quality Genuine leather at significantly affordable prices.

A decade long of Knights and Walker London’s legacy in supplying genuine leather accessories to all the leading corporate across the globe and its vision to provide every customer with genuine leather accessories cometh this brand to empower all end user with a brand that swears on Genuineness and rich in Premiumness. It is in line with this principle and vision that Vollstedt has adopted the tagline “Stay Genuine”.

In order to ensure Vollstedt branded products have the maximum reach for its offerings to its target customers, Knights and Walker has adopted a 5 Channel strategy of Flagship Stores, Concession Stores, Direct Retail, Corporate Sales and Online. The first of Vollstedt retail store is now open in Abu Dhabi.